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Author Indumati Raman at a private book release function with Dr. V.N. Nigam and Sonavi Desai of Indus Source Books


There is very little historical material published on Bhagavata Mela. This book is a compilation of research during the author’s ten-year association with the gurus, artistes, musicians and pandits of the Melattur Bhagavatha Mela Natya Vidya Sangam. This is the first step to document all aspects of the tradition in one book.


Bhagavata Mela – My Tryst with Tradition scans the history and evolution of the Bhagavata Mela tradition. The scholarly Nayaks and the Maratha kings of Thanjavur honoured the artistes and penned Bhagavata Mela natakams in Telugu, Sanskrit and Marathi.


The book also describes the privileged journey of the author who, with the cooperation of the Melattur artistes, helped to focus the limelight on Bhagavata Mela.


In 2002, Babasaheb Ekoji Bhonsle II’s (1736 – 1737) natakam Sakuntala was produced, directed and staged in Mumbai by Indumati Raman in collaboration with artistes from both Melattur and Mumbai. The effort received acclaim and appreciation from the Marathi theatre fraternity in Mumbai.


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"Returning to Mumbai after that visit to Melattur, I was witness to Indu’s passionate involvement in putting Bhagavata Mela back on the dance theatre map of India”.

– Shanta Gokhale

Author Indumati Raman visiting Odyssey Book Store in Adayar, Chennai

Author Indumati Raman sharing the book with Uma Sundari, the grand-daughter of Late E.Krishna Iyer who single-handedly revived hundreds of art-forms, folk and classical in the early 1900s.

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